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  • Elevation

  • State plane coordinates

  • Road detail

  • Overhead power line detail

  • County road map

  • Quad map


We Understand Drillsite Staking and Elevations

For over 34 years, Central Kansas Surveying & Mapping, Inc has been serving Central Kansas with professional drillsite staking. When you need accuracy — you need us. We meet all your requirments with guaranteed results.

Your complete survey service

When you contact us to stake a drillsite, we stake the location and the drillsites are then elevated as described in footage or GPS coordinates that you provide.


A plat of the drillsite is provided. This includes elevations, state plane coordinates, road details, overhead power line details, county road maps and quad maps. For more information, contact Douglas K. Reiser, Oilfield operations manager at 620-792-1977 or

Detailed drillsite information

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