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  • Identify boundary lines between properties

  • Ensure construction adheres to set back requirements

  • Determine easements and right of ways

  • Establish new lines of possession

  • Establish fence lines

  • Determine encroachment

  • Identify property pins


More reasons to request a land survey

There are many reasons for a lot or land survey to be done. If you find yourself in need of a professional surveyor, you can contact Central Kansas Surveying & Mapping, Inc. Our 34 years of experience will get the job done right for you.

Basic reasons for surveys

Property corners in platted subdivisions are located and checked to identify boundary lines between adjoining properties.


The location of improvements are checked for related encroachments; thus, ensuring future building adheres to set back requirements, easements and right-of-ways.

Lot Survey

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The boundary will be determined by researching and measuring existing boundary positions, identified by property pins, section corner stones and other monuments.


New property parcels can be determined as outlined by the property owners. This survey is normally preformed on rural properties for construction purposes.

Land Survey